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"Stuff" between leaf springs and AOL

To: <>
Subject: "Stuff" between leaf springs and AOL
From: "Sean Johnson" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 96 7:44:20 -30000
I don't know for sure what was used between leaf springs, but I can make a 
suggestion:  Where I work we use sheets of nylatron between large mechanical 
linkages to prevent friction and galling.  I seem to remember that some 
suspension bushings are made of this stuff as well.  If its good enough for 
that purpose...

Now I just need to find out who we get the stuff from...Back to you later.

re AOL:

  AOL doesn't work well with contacting some web sites either.  I've tried 
numerous times to search an ads site, and keep getting a "no cars found" 
regardless of the actual search results.  I don't speak the lingo to 
understand exactly why this is, but apparently AOL remembers the first time a 
site is contacted, and keeps that ever after. (something about the proxy)

You'll notice I don't use AOL for my mailing either; it has a nasty habit of 
deleting emails if they don't succeed after the first try.


Sean Johnson

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