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Re: MGA Radiator

To: Ed McCarroll <>
Subject: Re: MGA Radiator
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 14:43:29 -0500
>        During the cold weather I start up the MGA several times a week
>        to keep its systems limber.   While doing this recently I
>        noticed that after the car had warmed up coolant-wise, that
>        there was leakage at several different solder joints on the header
>        tank.   The coolant is well able to stand the cool temperatures
>        we have had recently and there has been no freezing of the
>        mixture.   Two questions:    Do solder joints 'fatigue' after
>        a long period of expansion and contraction of the metals the bond?
>         And, if I am successfull in repairing the joints, can a radiator
>        shop strip the too many coats of black paint from the radiator
>        so that I can re-paint it to look more presentable?   Is there
>        a way to paint strip it oneself?

Hi Ed, and Happy New Year:

The answer to all of your questions, except the last, is yes.  Take the rad
out and take it to a good radiator shop (ask around in your area).  They
will hot-tank it, which strips the paint and cleans out all the crud, and
repair the leaks.  If there are any dents in the top tank they can fix
these too, however it will cost more to have the tank unsoldered, repaired,
and re-soldered.  Do this if necessary.  You will forever regret it if you
leave a few dings in order to save money. You can have the rad shop paint
the rad (they do it as part of the service) or you can have them leave it
and paint it yourself.

 While you're at it, pull out the heater core and have it done as well.
You won't be sorry.  When all of those pieces are out being serviced, throw
away all the old hoses and put in new ones.  You can buy heater hose
anywhere but you'll have to order the rad hoses from an LBC dealer.  Buy
some new clamps as well.  Summer is coming, I've been told.

John McEwen

BTW, we're having a heat wave today.  Temperature is only -14C.  However,
true to form, the forecast for Saturday shows a low of -41C (-42F).  Good
thing I'll be in Vegas.

John McEwen

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