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Re: AOL relegationto digest

Subject: Re: AOL relegationto digest
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 08:07:51 -0500
Subj:   Re: AOL relegation to digest
Date:   12/13/96

In a message dated 96-12-13 18:41:26 EST, you write:

<<Now, can we PLEASE BREAK THIS THREAD and get back to something really
important, like MG's (Hell, cats would even be better!)...>>

Yes Rick, even the dread cat thread would be better. But not so fast...

I was off the air for about three days when Mark shuffled the AOLers off to
the digest. I'm sure I missed some major gripe sessions. My word processing
program didn't handle the digest downloads as Mark thought it would. I'm glad
to be back in the interactive mode (thank you Mark). 

I did get a few nuggets, however, and I was amazed at how badly some people
acted when something went wrong. I have never met, spoke with or e-mailed
Mark. I don't know if he gets any compensation for what he does for all of us
but, we are indebted to him for what he does.

The other guy who blew this thing up when he went out of town and set up his
PC to respond to his e-mail made a mistake. Anybody else ever make one?! This
service is a part of our hobby, not a part of a life and death communication
network. The tolerance some showed is very sad. 

Even though we can't see each other eyeball to eyeball, we ought to be as
polite as if we were sitting in the same room talking to one another. From
some of what I've heard, if we had been together, it might be more of a brawl
(or lynching).

Let's not over react to the next "crisis". We are supposed to be united by
our interest in these cute little cars we love and drive... for the FUN of

Thank you for your time... and by the way, the top has been down since last
 Saturday here in Dallas... Merry Christmas!

R. Johnson

'90 Maine Coon (starting to shed from the warm weather)
'79 Midget
'76 Midget
'73 MGB

P S I think we all should scan a $20 and send it to Mark for Christmas. 
Seriously, if we had his address we could all send him a buck!

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