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Re: re oval vent

Subject: Re: re oval vent
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 15:23:19 -0800
Geoff Love wrote:
> Jarl;
> I've been giving some deep thought to your comments re the pressurising
> of the bell housing through the oval vent helping to prevent oil leaks.
> Surely, any possible flywheel effects must be so marginal
> that they are more than overcome by the previously mentioned holes?
> Please elaborate. Thank you.

I originally thought so too! Apparently the volume of air thrown out the
slot is great enough that it does produce a slight vacuum, and a little
is all it takes to aggravate a leak. The proof is in the action, put it
on backwards, it leaks more, put in on correctly, it leaks less.        Jarl

This might be a good time to alert our innocent bystanders that it is
important not to delete the cotter pin in that bottom drain hole. It is
there so that the "wriggling" action in the air stream will keep the
hole from clogging with a "mud" composed of oil and clutch dust. This
applies to ALL cars. BTW, I've come across at least a dozen
transmissions where that front seal was installed backwards, how about
you? The knife edge is supposed to point toward whatever you're trying

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