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The one that got away

To: (Carol),,
Subject: The one that got away
From: Leckstein <>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 08:25:21 -0500
>I still want a car.....MY car...

This may begin the great fish stories. (the big one that got away).  Back
in the early eighties I saw an add in the local paper for a TC for $3000. I
called and the description was pretty good. The fellow was about 30 miles
from the house, so I wanted to come right over and leave a deposit. He was
going out for the evening, so he advised that I come at 1:00 the next
afternoon which was a Sunday.  I offered to come at 7 or 8 in the morning,
but he said no, as he was a Deacon in his church. He promised that he would
show no one the car until 1:30.

I left the next day to get there by 12:30, and arrived at that time. In
front of his house was a car with out of state plates, and I just knew it
was too late. Sure enough, he sold the car for a few hundred less than he
had asked and broke his word to me. The sale had occurred minutes earlier.
The car was red and looked great.

I anguished over the whole thing for days and finally I was so nuts that my
wife almost ordered me to go out and get a TC so that I could calm down. 

I found another in a week for $6000, not as pretty, but in great mechanical

The post script is that the car I bought was an easy restoration, and today
is a beautiful example that constantly wins prizes, yet is reliable and
drives anywhere. I ran into the guy who beat me to the sale ( can't blame
him, its the Deacon who will get his reward someday) and it appears that
beneath that beautiful red exterior was a hunk of junk,and he spent a
fortune fixing up the car from new wood to everything else.Carol the one
you get may turn out to be the better car even if you pay more at first.

Mike (I love my TC) Leckstein

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