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LBC Car Prices (long-winded)

Subject: LBC Car Prices (long-winded)
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 04:55:40 -0600
I've always liked "Old Cars Price Guide" for estimating the value of 
LBCs and others. It would only be useful for those in the U.S. however. 
They rate the cars from #1 condiion (concurs) to #6 condition (parts 
cars). The magazine is available from major newstands. It covers 
Antiques, Classics, Postwar, Muscle Cars, Imports, etc.

It is real easy to get arguments that the prices are estimates or only 
applicable to auctions, or whatever, but, nonetheless, the prices seem 
to work here in Missouri. The big deal is convincing the owners that 
most cars are #3 (nice driver) and not #2 (popular vote show winner) or 
better. #1 cars are perfect. If the owner doens't take it everywhere on 
a trailer it ain't a #1.

I usually buy about one or two issues a year (depending upon how serious 
I am dickering on a car). I can't find a recent copy. I've dug out an 
old December '93 issue. There subscription number is 715-445-3775 Ext 
257. The only real downside is that they don't always include all the 
categories and the magazine is often wrapped in plastic. To buy it and 
find MGs "to be in the next issue" is a bit maddening. (Okay, I admit, I 
cut it open in the store!)

However, all models and years are listed when they are there.

So, anyway, example prices from this 3 year old mag --
I'll show #2 condition which is the most you should pay for one without 
it being an actual concours car along with #3 car; a very presentable 

1980 'B'        $6,000/$3,100
1967 MGB/GT     $6,800/$3,650
1961 'A' MkII   $9,800/$5,600
1955 TF         $11,900/$6,800

1970 TR6        $5,900/$3,050
1963 TR3        $7,400/$4,400

1965 AH3000     $16,800/$9,600

1966 Jag R      $41,300/$23,600

(They don't bother with Fiats!)

Thay also cover American Iron from Muscle Cars to Street Rods to the 
really old stuff. But they make no concessions for heavily modified 
customs (but, how could they?)

1949 Merc. Coupe        $7,000/$3,950

Anyway, everyone has an opinion but I have relied on this guide through 
the years and always found it a reasonable starting point. Also, I went 
to an auction last weekend and they had a #3+ 1976 TR6 that sold for 
$5,900 and a #3+ '67 B/GT for $4,300. I thought those cars were fully 

I think the trick is to not be afraid to walk away. The last couple of 
cars I bought I got for 20% less than the owner was asking. And I've 
insulted a few other sellers, also. Just remember, there is always 
another car out there somewhere. And, of course, subscribe to Hemmings. 
I would always take at least 20% off a Hemmings price, however.

Robert Allen, Kansas City, '69 MGC/GT, '75TR6

BTW: I've never had an attachment to the big Healeys. Then I had the 
opportunity to drive one. If form follows function, the Healeys should 
have been available as shortbeds with running boards. (IMHO, of course.)

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