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Re: The Price of British Cars

To: "Michael P. Ohleger" <>,
Subject: Re: The Price of British Cars
From: (Carol)
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 14:44:06 -0600 (CST)
At 02:34 PM 12/15/96 -0500, Michael P. Ohleger wrote:

>So what's the point?  Does anyone know of a price guide here in the U.S.
similar to what 
>is found in *Classic and Sports Car* magazine that indexes lbc's and price
to condition?
>I find it difficult to tell someone that his price is way out of line when
he knows 
>that some unwary novice nostalgic buyer will give the guy what he's asking. 

This reply is relevant, and it isn't relevant, to LBCs! But it does have a

Last weekend I saw a Fiat. I went nuts. It's a nice car, but I knew nothing
about them. The owner kept saying "make me an offer" and I kept repeating
"how much do you want for it?" (Remember: He who mentions money first loses!)

I ditched my escort (bummer of a date!!) and declined accompanying him to go
"have a few more drinks" after we left a party since he was weaving all over
the road...I know.. I know... I should have taken a cab...

Anyway, I got in the front door about 11:30 and hit the web. I found an
absolutely ~~wonderful~~ site that a) told me lots about Fiats, and b) had
$-figures for sales that had been gathered from all over the country, if not
the world, for each year and model. The site-owner had also done some
statistal analyses on a "proper" cost for vehicles based on condition.

I don't know how he keeps all that info up to date (lotsa' stuff!), but I
sure appreciate his efforts.

It would be way cool to  have that sort of info available on LBCs. 

The Fiat site is:

>From there you get to:    which has all this "stuff." It's an
index of Fiat sales prices (or "asked" prices, as the case may be -- he
tells you which) for each year and model.  

Boy howdy, would it ever be handy to have this type of info available on LBCs!! 

I looked at a Datsun 260 yesterday while we were trippin' -- out in the
country driving and hitting antique stores. I got the number off the sign
and called the guy. I played ~real dumb~ [no snide remarks, please!]  and
asked him why the paint "looked funny" on the passenger side. He said it had
been hit in the rear quarter panel. Hmmm...then why was the paint "funny"
all the way down  the off side of the car? Why didn't the door line up

The price? $1750 FIRM. Fat chance!! I looked at a cherry 240Z for $2,000.
So, where's the guide for Datsuns? LBCs? 

I'm not being heretical here, but would all of us ever benefit from a page
like Fiat has!!
Who, within this 'merry band', has the time to do such a page, and has a
death wish?!

Check it out to see what I'm talking about. NO, I don't mean "go buy a
Fiat!"  ;-)

>I'm still looking for the *right* MGTD....anyone got one for sale?

Good luck on your quest, Michael....


"As you approach life's curves, never brake and always leave skid marks!"

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