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Re: MGB, 1975, Silver Anniv. Ed.

Subject: Re: MGB, 1975, Silver Anniv. Ed.
From: Ross MacPherson <>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 13:24:21 -0800
At 01:06 AM 12/15/96 -0500, you wrote:

>The 50th anniversary cars were not that different from the regular ones, 
>but they did have gold front and rear badges; in the UK, they were dark 
>green with gold trim, and had a badge on the glove box which said "MG 
>1925-1975" and had the car # on them. The UK model had gold rostyle 
>wheels, too. I'm not certain if this car was sold in the US, as the SASE 
>cars in the UK were almost all GT's, and I know they didn't sell those 
>here after 74 or so. I've seen one SASE US roadster; it was originally 
>red, but had the gold trim package, gold badges, and glove box badge on 
>it. I don't think this would add a significant amount to the purchase 
>price of the car; they weren't that special (just a trim package, 
>basically, like a Wolfsburg Edition VW Rabbit) but there aren't many of 
>them. Personally, I'd be more worried about what restorable shape the 
>car's in first. After that, you can dicker with the fella about the SASE 
>package. :)

Corey et al,
I bought a brand new B roadster in `1976.  On one occasion I took it to a
dealer in a diffent part of town for one of it's regular scheduled warranty
service checks.  While kicking around waiting to pick it up I wandered
through the show room.  There, under some dramatic lighting was a Jubilee
edition, brand new.  It was a BRG roadster with gold trim, badges and, If I
remeber correctly a different steering wheel.  I can't remeber the wheels at
all but I'm pretty sure they weren't regular rostyles.  
Like you said they are (or were) around but not many, I don't think I've
ever seen another one.
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