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Tire Squeal (Was: Where to find tires.)

To: ckr <>
Subject: Tire Squeal (Was: Where to find tires.)
From: Shel Bercovich <>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 01:33:51 -0700
My '67 B-GT came with Dunlop SP 41s; the '71 came with SP68s. Neither
squealed in corners. The SP 68s were perhaps the best all round tire
I've ever driven. Though not the best on ice, they were excellent on wet
or dry pavement and fairly good in snow.

Recommended tire pressures on earlier GTs were 21 F & 24 R. I usually
run that up to 27 F & 30 R in my '74 B-GT, especially if I have any kind
of a load on or am running at high speeds. Perhaps the Fuldas would
squeal less with increased tire pressures. (If memory serves, roadster
pressures were the same as or similar to GT pressures.)

ckr wrote:
[snip - comment on Fulda tires]
> Squeals like a bainsidhe going around corners at high speeds, but I 
> fancy that's what the original Dunlops did, too
> Corey
> 75 MGB 'Rags'
> RD#373750

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