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Re: OH NO! Not a towbar!!

Subject: Re: OH NO! Not a towbar!!
From: (Carol)
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 02:21:04 -0600 (CST)
At 10:44 PM 12/13/96 -0800, wrote:

>I think LBC bumpers are too delicate to be used as towing attachment

That's my take on the situation! I never have liked "bumper" tow bars. I
actually sold one (that said 'u-haul' on it) in a yard sale! Well now, I'm
glad I did....

>A bar made to attach to the frame or suspension may be
>feasible, but the front wheel dolly is hard to beat (U-haul rents
>them).  I towed a 71 B from Minneapolis to Chicago area at +/- 80 MPH
>behind a V-6 Astro van with no trouble at all and without LBC damage.

Only thing about a dolly is that you have to drop the drive shaft! I'm just
a "baby" when it comes to working on these things...I would really love to
have a trailer for cars, but...where does one store the dumb things? 

I live in Texas, but in a subdivision -- NOT on a ranch!! ;-)   [Oh, there
is an oil well in the back yard!!   ;-)  ]     

I really like the towbar for the VW, and would like to have one to fit the
MGA. But, OTOH, I don't think I'll be able to find an MGA in my 'budget
range' so...I'm looking for a "B". I don't think the front ends would
tolerate a custom tow bar...hmmm... we'll still have to drop the driveshaft!

Anyway, I appreciate the 'experience' you shared. We'll figure something out...


"As you approach life's curves, never brake and always leave skid marks!"

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