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Re: MGB, 1975, Silver Anniv. Ed.

Subject: Re: MGB, 1975, Silver Anniv. Ed.
Date: 16 Dec 96
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> Date: Sunday, 15-Dec-96 04:09 AM
> >Carol wrote:
> But... I'm going to call the seller again to see if he'll give me the
> name and number! With any luck, it's a cousin! The ad was in a "small-
> paper. Good place to look for ads!
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Very true point Carol.
Six years ago my wife and I were taking a weekend tour. One of our
topics was,  what LBC would make a good daily driver.  My answer was
that I thought a MGBGT would be the perfect car.
Well during the trip she came across a small town newspaper and in the
classified was a MGBGT for sale. She insisted  that we make the 75 mile
detour to go take a look at it .     
Well the car was running but just barely . Every panel had a dent some
major others minor. The owner was asking $1000.00 which I felt was the
maximum fair value since I could see that the car would be a real
project and I was not interested in another project. .  Having never
driven a B, I took the owner up on the offer to take it for a spin. On
returning, my feet covered in oil since the engine was pumping oil out
of every orifice, my wife said "  How did  you like YOUR car honey? " 
She had bought it while I was out test driving it . 
I'm thankful for two things:
1.  MGBs are great cars  ( I'd get in less trouble selling my wedding
ring than the BGT)
2. I've got a great wife ( who thinks I can turn any sows ear into a
silk purse)

Bob Nogueira
74 MGBGT (daily driver) 

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