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Re: B-series timing covers & oil throwers

Subject: Re: B-series timing covers & oil throwers
From: (David F. Darby)
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 20:45:44 PST
Hello Barney:

BMC listed the 1600 oil thrower as part No. 1A1546 until engine No.
16GC/8263 at which point the No. changes to 12H775. So the oil thrower
and crank pulley changed at the same time. The timing cover and seal
changed at the same point as well, from 11G93 and 2K7140 to 12H771 and
2A939 respectively. 

Someone was mentioning a lighter flywheel. That apparently commenced with
engine No. 16GC/3708. Went from part No. 1H651 to 12H587.

Sorry, I can't reference these to early MGB parts right now.


David F. Darby
"...lug nuts roasting on an open fire..."

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