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dim lights repaired, but......

Subject: dim lights repaired, but......
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 00:33:42 -0500

Several weeks ago I posted a plea for help when my headlights and
directionals were acting flaky.  A sincere thanks to those who responded.
 You were all correct and confirmed my suspicion about a short/bad ground,
and it was clearly not anything I was able to repair myself.  I don't exactly
have closure on that episode because we discovered that water was coming in
through the fresh air vent which is probably clogged with leaves and debris
of some kind, maybe seaweed -who knows?  I remember a message thread several
months ago that generated tips for cleaning out all that "stuff". I didn't
think I'd need this information (ha ha), so I guess I didn't save it on my
Zip Drive.  Now I'm sorry. Can someone fill me in without chiding me
unnecessarily?  Thanks!       


"In the beginning, the universe was created.  This annoyed many people and
was widely regarded as a bad move." --- Douglas Adams

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