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Update/forward: Enthusiast down

Subject: Update/forward: Enthusiast down
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 09:14:18 -0500
Yo chaps!  Please take the time to read this post...and please get a card in
the post today for Dennis....make his Hiliday a little brighter!

Thanks in advance!        Rick Ingram - North American MGB Register
Forwarded message:
From: (Reinout Vogt)
To: (Goeppner, George), (Kim Tonry),,,,,,,,,,,,,
Date: 96-12-15 19:33:55 EST

Hi Folks,

Don Anderson and myself visited Dennis today (George was there yesterday
so he will be able to confirm our observations).

Dennis is currently in the CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) recovering from

an infection of the incision from his bypass surgery. After that he will go 
back to another department in the hospital to be 'on the list' for a heart 
transplant. He told us that his blood type and cardiac tissue (the signature 
of his cardiac system) is the easiest to match and he will receive the 
transplant quickly. He is still on quite some monitoring and drug infusion 
systems and his physical condition appeared still far from optimal. However 
his spirit is very good. He's doing physical therapy, his facial expression 
was fairly good and he seemed very well minded and optimistic. He thought
he would certainly have to stay in the hospital through the Holiday period.

We delivered him the present(s) from our club members and from the
MG Club itself, and he told us how much Joanne (who wasn't there today, but 
normally stays with him in the hospital 24 hrs./day) and he appreciated the 
cards and calls etc.

I want to ask 2 (maybe 3) little things you can do to help an 'MG Nut In 

1. Send a card, if you already have done so, just send another one and 
.....another (address below)
2. Call him up (phone number below)

3. And, if you his mom, send her a card as well, she stays in a nursery home 
recovering from a stroke (minor I beleive but still), she is there because
can't go home because Dennis isn't there. She received a gift and a card from

our club too.

Thanks and MGreetings

Dennis' adress:         St. Lukes Medical Center
                        att: Dennis Trowbridge (patient)
                        2900 West Oklahoma Avenue
                        Milwaukee, WI 53215
                        (414) 385-4298 (room)
                        (414) 649-6000 (switch board)

Since he'll be going to another room soon (I hope for him) you can leave the 
room number off, the hospital will get the cards to him. He will get a new 
phone number also, when he goes to the transplant unit, but the nurses will 
transfer you.

His mom's address:      Salem Village
                        att: Evelyn Trowbridge
                        1314 Rowell Avenue
                        Joliet, IL 60433
                        (815) 727-5451 ext. 304

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