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Subject: Flashers
From: Rich Mason <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 08:53:19 -0500
A couple of questions regarding turn signal and hazard flashers on my '73 MGB...

The hazards are working fine - all bulbs light and the flash rate is acceptable.

When the ignition is on but the engine NOT running, the turn signals behave
strangely - you hear one click of the flasher and the indicator light on the
dash stays lit.  

With the car running, the turn signals operate, but flash very slowly - on
the order of once every three seconds or so (too slow for me).

I'm looking at two possible causes:

1) defective or wrong turn signal flasher - I'm wondering if the wrong
flasher was installed in the turn signal circuit?  If the turn signal
flasher was reversed with the hazards flasher - would that cause the problem
I'm experiencing?   

I figured I try the hazzard flasher in the turn signal location, or one of
several flashers I have in my parts bin (I'm a pack-rat), but I'm not sure
where the flasher is located.  I can hear the hazard flasher - sounds like
it is right behind the hazard switch / under the radio in the center
console.  Is the turn signal flasher in the same area? 

2) defective hazard switch - it appears that the switch passes power to the
turn signal flasher (when the hazards are not on) - so maybe poor contact?
I'm leaving this as something to look at if #1 doesn't work.

Any other ideas / suggestions?


Rich Mason
1973 MGB

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