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RE: Final drive ratio for Midget

Subject: RE: Final drive ratio for Midget
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 13:55:27 -0500
  The Midgets had during their lifetime, three different axle ratios
  The MK1 (948) utilized a 4.22:1
  The 1098, 1275 and 1500 til '77 used a 3.90:1
   and the later 1500 (77-79) used a 3.73
  In most cases the entire third member (the center section) in
interchangable between models, So even though your 73 should have the 3.90
gear, it is possible that some (D)PO has changed it for something else.
  Another possibility is that the PO for some reason installed a speedo from
a later 1500 and really screwed up!
 Rick Morrison
74 Midget
"Straitaways are only there to connect two turns"

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