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Worn camshaft?

Subject: Worn camshaft?
From: Scott Gardner <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 12:51:59 -0600
Yesterday, I was adjusting my valves, and while opening each valve, I
noticed that not all of the valves opened the same amount.  Is this a
pretty fair indication of worn camshaft lobes and lifters?  I know that
the lift is not the same for exhaust as for intake valves, but these
varied even among the same type of valve.  My idle is also a little
rough, despite all efforts to tune it, if this helps.  I don't know how
old the camshaft is, and I have a little evidence it may be a
higher-performance unit than factory.  I really don't want to tear into
the engine until I have to pull it for something serious, but I'm
looking for similar experiences from others.
        On a related note, what determines an engine's redline?  I always
thought it was a combination of things, but the most recent Moss catalog
has a set of valve springs and caps that they say will extend your
redline above 7000RPM.  Is valve float really the only thing that limits
safe RPM?

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