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Re: We've run off AOLer's. Whose next?

Subject: Re: We've run off AOLer's. Whose next?
From: "Christopher M. Delling" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 19:40:56 -0500 wrote:
> Well, the Boston Computer Society is still out of business, my
> user-friendliest e-mail account is gone and my primary ISP is intended for
> "professional use only" which  means "no lbc content",  so I'm subscribing
> from AOL for now.  The digest is OK for me.  I can download and read it off
> line.  Never had problems converting or translating the text. I often read it
> on someone else's computer, and have no trouble converting the text using his
> software either.  It looks fine.  I don't use AOL's browser.  Oh, and btw, I
> find Pine awkward and tedious.   Run off? Naah!  I can ignore the insults and
> generalizations directed to AOL users.  I know how intelligent I am, and can
> make some guesses about the intellectual levels of some of those who have
> been hurling insults.  My issue is not with anyone's choice of provider, but
> with the tone and language on this list recently.   ("Do your homework and
> then shut up";   "Here, listen up, I will type this real, real slow";  "get
> it thru (sic)  your damn heads").  I didn't mind the "ph" word (it was not
> meant to insult), but have a problem with some of the anatomical references
> and mean-spirited, snide or demeaning remarks that are showing up now just
> about every day.   What's up with that, anyway?  I don't think it was like
> this when I first subscribed - was it?  Isn't this intended to be a form of
> "support group" for lbc owners of all levels of expertise?  I'm curious.  Is
> this attitude acceptable to everyone but me? As for me, I can agree with you,
> Bob:  "This is getting real boring...."
> Cindy
> 77 B Roadster (mine, all mine)
> 91 Prelude
> "In the beginning, the universe was created.  This annoyed many people and
> was widely regarded as a bad move." --- Douglas Adams


I am not easily offended - but also agree that the general tone of this 
list is getting a little antagonistic.  Things started going downhill 
with things like "levels of entusiasim" and the "cat thread".  Then the 
AOL thing turned up the thermostat a few notches higher.

Look at your own posting.  In it you make a statement that call to 
question the IQ of people who took AOL to task.  This has the potential 
to trigger another bout of "AOL Sucks"..."Does Not"..."Does Too" 

I think that if everyone does the following we would be a happier group:

1.  If you want to insult someone - do it in private.  This avoids the 
possibility of offending someone else inadvertantly.

2.  In general, try to remember that E-mail doesn't afford the use of 
"body english"  A lot of what we say can be misinterpeted if you can't 
see the smile behind it.  This works both ways - with mail you get, and 
mail you recieve.

3.  The purpose of the list is to share our love of LBC's.

Here's to a "kinder, gentler" list.

Happy Holidays!

Chris Delling

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