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Re: We've run off AOLer's. Whose next?

Subject: Re: We've run off AOLer's. Whose next?
From: ckr <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 10:56:54 -0500
Robert Allen wrote:
> I've noticed in my browser that when these guys submit stuff to the MG
> list, their input comes across in one long line that ends somewhere way
> off in the right margin somewhere over there---------------------->
> Wadda ya wanna bet they're using Microsoft's browser and e-mail?
> Seriously, if you guys don't thump enter at screen widths, your
> paragraphs come across as one long line. I can scroll over and get most
> of it but it still truncates at some limit.
> I just thought you'd like to know. Also, some of your character-sets
> ain't ASCII (eg: yengis) so some of the punctuation characters are
> garbled.

I've noticed this, too. No idea why it happens. For all I know, all 
those folks with Microsoft browsers see *my* posts as one long line.

Someone once likened the computer industry today to what the railway 
industry would've been had noone agreed to a common track width and rail 
type. I find it an interesting analogy, particularly where the internet 
is concerned. Our trains all run fine on our home tracks, and do well on 
local runs, but when getting into the trans-continent shipping, we run 
into a few derailments and bumpy rides.

75 MGB 'Rags'

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