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Re: TD turn signals

Subject: Re: TD turn signals
From: (Steve Tritle)
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 07:12:06 -0500
Geoff Love wrote:
> Steve Tritle wrote:
> >
> > Question: I have a 52 TD in which I plan to install turn signals.
> > I have the flasher, relay,and switch. The harness is wired for signals.
> > What else do I need and what is the procedure to install them?
> >
> > Do I need special bulbs and any wire to connect the various parts.
> >
> > Steve
> >
> > 52TD
>  You will need to fit a double filament light bulb holder in each of the
> front side lights.  You will also need a regular double filament bulb
> for them, and you may find that when you come to fit the bulbs that it
> is difficult because the locating pins on the bulbs are staggered,
> whereas the holders are not.  Simply file off one of the pins on the
> bulb and fit. It is imperative to ensure a good earth connection by the
> addition of a third wire from the bolts passing through the wings and
> the lights themselves, to a suitable place under the wing. A third
> earthing wire is built into the harness for the rear lights, which
> already have the double filament type holders on account of the brake
> lights. Make sure you scrape the metal to a bright finish before trying
> to make a good connection, and then paint over the attachment point in
> order to help prevent corrosion.  The flasher unit is usually mounted on
> the left side of the tool box, beneath the bonnet and adjacent to the
> commission plates.  The relay box is mounted underneath the scuttle on
> the back side of the tool box, and the actuating switch can be mounted
> in a convenient spot hanging beneath the dash board, where it readily
> comes to hand.  A bracket for the purpose is marketed by Moss. The
> wiring is straightforward and in accordance with the schematics and
> colour coding of the harness you already have.  When you have completed
> the wiring, test to see if the lights are brighter for the indicator
> than for the side markers at the front, and the tail lights.  If not,
> simply rotate the bulb through 180 degrees, and check again. Be careful
> when wiring the relay box.  In poor lighting conditions some of the
> colour coding on the wiring harness can be easily confused.
>  Prior to fitting the switch, test to find out if it returns to the off
> position after a suitable period of time.  If necessary, remove the
> airbleed wadding at the back, place a few drops of thin oil into the
> barrel to lubricate and seal the leather washer, soak the wadding with
> the same oil, replace, and adjust the bleed screw to give the desired
> effect.
> Geoff Love, The English Connection.

Thanks for the great advice. It looks as though I have some work to do
over the holidays. Your thorough knowledge and understanding is much

Thank You and Happy Holidays!


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