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100 % restos etc.

Subject: 100 % restos etc.
From: The Richards <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 13:54:00 -0500
Daggum, this thread has stretched so far that I can no longer resist the
urge to donate a couple pennies. I think there is room for various levels of
restorations. For my own personal tastes, how far from original one strays
is allowable by the condition of the car when it comes into your possession
and its relative rarity. Surely no one would want to do an airconditioned,
CDplayer toting Jaguar XKSS, or buy Ol' Number One and paint it purple. But
one of many thousands of say 70ish MGBs found in such a state that most
would send it to the boneyard is understandably subject to its owner's
whims, even when they don't match our exact tastes. 

Michael, New Bern, NC

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