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Re: 100% restorations/In defense of Leno

Subject: Re: 100% restorations/In defense of Leno
From: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Date: 18 Dec 1996 13:38:40 -0600
In <>, pbailey wrote:
>I go to the Woodley park Brit meet every year and Jay Leno shows up
>with his latest car that someone else restored,I would rather see an old
>midget that a teenager is restoring himself with the minimum of cash
>than these rich ol boys toys.Mgs were made for the common man with
>common skills and tools 

While I agree with your statement in substance, let me disagree
substantially regarding your flame against Leno.  Yes, he has a huge
collection worth lots of money that somebody else restored.  However,

(1)  He's doing The Right Thing with the money he has.  If you were in
his position, wouldn't you do the same?  Given his tastes and
resources, you can't hardly find anything on the market that isn't
over-restored.  Are you flaming him for having money?  See immediately

(2)  He personally works on a lot of his cars (he was a mechanic in
his leaner days).

(3)  His favorite car is an 8-liter Bentley (can't knock that!)

(4)  He really does care about "little guys" who do their own work and
struggle.  Case in point:  My brother lives in Van Nuys, rents cars to
make movies and TV shows.  Has about 30-40 pieces at any given
time, all held together with baling wire and many coats of paint.  (He
also has about 5 primo cars that he will not rent due to wear and
tear.)  He has met Leno at several meets and spent a good deal of time
under some cars with him looking at Good Things.

Earlier this year the zoning Gestapo was on my brother's case about
storing his "working cars" behind his house (behind a tall fence, not
visible from street).  It got to the point that he was given a
five-day notice to get rid of all of his iron or face a contempt of
court citation.  Without solicitation, he received a call from Leno,
who said that he had heard through the grapevine that my brother was
having some troubles.  Leno said that he had been hassled similarly
before he hit it big, and gave some suggestions as to how to get a
zoning variance.  About two months later, my brother had the variance
and got to keep his cars (and livelihood).

I agree that I have met some snot-nosed bastards (especially in the
Rolls Owner's Club) who push their cars in and out of the covered
trailer and don't want you to breathe when you are in the car's
vicinity, but that ain't Leno.  He wrenches, he drives and he cares.
That's upright, fer sher.
                                A. B. Bonds

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