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Re: 100% restorations/In defense of Leno

To: "A. B. Bonds" <>
Subject: Re: 100% restorations/In defense of Leno
From: Ross MacPherson <>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 12:52:18 -0800
At 01:38 PM 12/18/96 -0600, A. B. Bonds wrote:
>I agree that I have met some snot-nosed bastards (especially in the
>Rolls Owner's Club) who push their cars in and out of the covered
>trailer and don't want you to breathe when you are in the car's
>vicinity, but that ain't Leno.  He wrenches, he drives and he cares.
>That's upright, fer sher.
>                               A. B. Bonds

This comment reminded me of a humourous event at the last All Brit meet
here.  One of the few juried cataegories is the "Best Debuting Restoration"
category.  This years winner was an absolutely stunning 1930-something Rolls
that had arrived under it's own power after a drive of some distance
including a route through the heart of the city.  It was truely beautiful
with an absolutely gorgeous black finish.  The owner claimed he and his son
had restored it together over a number of years.  After the announcement of
the winners my wife and I had a closer look at the cars in the winners
circle  (our TC wasn't included....).  After a good close look we approached
the Rolls type and his son who were trying, rather unsuccessfuly, to appear
humble.  I offered congratulations and my admiration for his work still
somewhat doubtful that he'd done it himself. He accepted the accolades as
his due.  As though as an afterthought I asked him if he knew that his
insurance had expired three days earlier.  I knew immediately that he had
indeed done the restoration himself.  He blinked a couple times then went
completely white, he was so shaken he had to sit down. I have no idea how he
got home.
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