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Re: 52TD Tonneau Installation

Subject: Re: 52TD Tonneau Installation
From: (Steve Tritle)
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 07:48:53 -0500 wrote:
> Dec 18 1996
> Trying to install tonneau "lift a dot" connectors on my 52TD  but I'm not
> sure how many and where they go.
> My best guess so far is 4 across the back, 3 on each rear quarter panel, 1 on
> each door,  1 at each side of dash and 2 in the middle of the dash (near the
> rear view mirror.----Comments please---is this correct?  Also, any tips on
> getting the tonneau to be tight and looking good when I'm done?
> Thanks in advance.
Several books published by NEMGT register show just 4 snaps total on the
tonneau. At least that's what I did to my 52TD. For looks I have been
toying with adding 2 more. Those 2 would hold down the center piece
which rides just over the middle of the gas tank. 

There are several styles to the tonneau and mine, which came from Moss,
has a definite 'section' at the back center.

The TC is a different story altogether.

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