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Perfect Restorations

Subject: Perfect Restorations
From: Scott Gardner <>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 09:15:01 -0600
I guess I'll put in my two cents' worth on this "perfect-car" thread. 
My other hobby is high-end car audio, and all of your complaints sound
VERY familiar to me.  Go to any IASCA (the governing body for car audio
competitions) show, and you'll see cars with $30,000 stereo systems
gently being rolled off of trailers to be judged.  I can't fault them
entirely for trailering these cars, since the IASCA season is several
months long, and to amass the required trophy points to go to the
regional finals requires attending many shows, often seperated by
several thousand miles.  But there's still a lot of contempt for these
"checkbook" systems, and sometimes the owners can't even answer the
simplest questions.  Some of them have to be coached extensively by
their installers just to make it through the required five-minute
presentation of their system to the judges.
        There is one redeeming factor about mega-buck stereo systems, though. 
The rest of us use these systems to get new/different ideas about
installation, customization, component choice, and wiring.  With vintage
show cars, if you've seen one perfectly-restored example of a model, by
definition, you've seen them all.

Scott Gardner
'72 MGB tourer (perfumed occasionally by the stench of fried wiring)
'86 H*nd* CRX (Hers)

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