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Turn Signals Help

Subject: Turn Signals Help
From: tom.w.wagner@Central.Sun.COM (Tom Wagner - Program Manager)
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 09:15:47 -0600
To All:

Well I seem to have a turn signals problem
and not exactly sure where to start to look
at fixing it.

I have just recently finished stripping and 
reprimering a 67 B.  I have been working on 
getting the turn signals to work first, and noticed
several things wrong when I first started:

        The right signal on - front flashes okay, but the
        marker light is also on.  The rear flashes also, but so
        does the left side very faintly.

Now another problem has come up whereby at the fuse box 
there is a large neutral and small neutral(brown wire).
I think the small one goes to the radio. But the large one
when connected will blow the fuse instantly.

I am not exactly sure where this wire goes, but the 
surprising thing is that I have been driving
this car around the neighborhood for last
couple of months and the fuse has never blown before.
Now none of the turn signals were hooked up before

All help would be appreciated, and if someone
starts to think about grounds, then I am not
sure where all of this is grounded at either.


Tom Wagner
67 B(Would like to be registered by New Year) 


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