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teaser, leaks and air flow

Subject: teaser, leaks and air flow
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 13:46:07 -0800 wrote:
> On Saturday, December 14, 1996 Jarl wrote:
> >>Now, everyone, a question - careful! this is a trick!
> >
> >>Which way does the air flow through the little 90 degree
> >>hose from the valve cover to the air cleaner on a T type?
> >>(and when?)
> >
> Well I've been waiting 5 days for the answer ...  ;^)
> I assume your are not going to tell us unless someone
> takes a guess .... I really don't know the answer, but what
> the hey here is a WAG ... uh ... uh ... the air flows from
> the valve cover to the air cleaner .... uh .... uh ... uh ... I
> don't know!
> >Safety Fast! ...

You're right Larry, I should have been back to this sooner!

The answer is: it depends, but while in motion, it generally flows from
the air cleaner to the valve cover if everything is in good shape. The
"road draft" tube mounted on the side cover extends down into the
airflow underneath the car at a slight angle. The air passing by gives a
venturi effect and creates a slight vacuum in the crankcase which
removes blowby gases and keeps the oil from becoming diluted by the
unburned gasoline component of blowby. With the engine in good
condition, makeup air is needed because there isn't enough blowby and by
getting it from the air cleaner, it is filtered and cleaned before it is
sucked into the crankcase. When at rest, theres a slight vacuum at the
air cleaner and the blowby gases are sucked the other way and burned in
the engine. This is one of those things from pre smog control days
that's clear when you think about it, but at first thought doesn't make
sense!   Jarl

That little tab alongside the tube on the side plate? On my YT it holds
the oil pressure line to the gauge. On that car it is all copper with a
triple turn pigtail to absorb vibration.

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