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Cold Air box and power.

Subject: Cold Air box and power.
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 14:53:44 -0800 wrote:
> Jarl,
> Sort of surprised that nobody has responed to
> my post regarding the 'cold air box' ...

Since the cold air box was only used as an option on the BN2 leMans,
there are probably fewer than 1000 people who originally had any
experience with it. In any gasoline engine, the amount of fuel you can
put in is unlimited. The limiting factor to power is the amount of
oxygen available to burn the fuel. Super or turbo charging increases the
oxygen by increasing the pressure in the intake above the 14.7 psi
atmospheric. NOx (really NO2, nitrous oxide) injection works by
decomposing to nitrogen and oxygen under heat and increasing the
proportion of oxygen in the intake. "Fuel" dragsters use a fuel rich in
nitromethane which also decomposes into an oxygen rich fuel and oxygen
mix, essentially a liquid explosive. A cold-air box, by using cooler air
from alongside the radiator, rather than hotter air under the bonnet,
makes the air a little more dense, ie richer in all molecules -
including oxygen. It's passive, requires no power, non dangerous in any
way, and makes a lot of sense. On your MGA you can get 80% of the
benefit by using a duct (like for your heater) on the left side, ending
by the air cleaners. You'd have to make a "snout" through the bulkhead
like that on the right side, but you'd have to do that for a cold-air
box as well to get to your "cold" air source in the first place.

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