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RE: Cold Air box and power.

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Subject: RE: Cold Air box and power.
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Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 00:46:48 -0500
On Thursday, December 19, 1996 at 5:53 PM Jarl wrote:

>>Since the cold air box was only used as an option on
>>the BN2 leMans, there are probably fewer than 1000
>people who originally had any experience with it.
Good point ... not sure that I was aware of it until I saw
the bits in the Moss Mag.

>>... [snip] ...
>>A cold-air box, by using cooler air from alongside the
>>radiator, rather than hotter air under the bonnet, makes
>>the air a little more dense, ie richer in all molecules -
>>including oxygen. It's passive, requires no power, non
>>dangerous in any way, and makes a lot of sense. On
>>your MGA you can get 80% of the benefit by using a
>>duct (like for your heater) on the left side, ending
>>by the air cleaners. You'd have to make a "snout" through
>>the bulkhead like that on the right side, but you'd have to
>>do that for a cold-air box as well to get to your "cold" air
>>source in the first place.
The 'A' already has the 'snout' ... there is an 'air duct'
(metal tube) that penetrates the radiator support on both
sides ... on both sides a hose runs from the grille area to
the front side of the radiator support ... on the right hand side
a hose runs from the rear of the radiator support to the heater.
IOW, the 'A' does have a 'cold air hose' for the carbies, but it
stops at the radiator support.  My thought was to attach a
hose to the rear of the radiator support (the flange is already
there) and extend it to a 'cold air box' fitted to the carbies.

Do you think the additonal hose and 'cold air box' will provide a
measurable improvement in performance? ... or is the existing
'cold air hose' adequate?

Safety Fast! ...
>                         '61 MGA 1600 MkII

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