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Re: Clutch Pedal Shaft on TD-TF (Dan Huges Story)

To: Ed & Kris Curtis <>
Subject: Re: Clutch Pedal Shaft on TD-TF (Dan Huges Story)
From: (Steve Tritle)
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 10:10:14 -0500
Ed & Kris Curtis wrote:
> Some of the old great literature (i.e. Dante) had descriptions of hell as a
> place where people who did bad or inexcusable things in life were punished
> for all time.  There surely must be a special place there for the English
> auto engineer who designed the clutch/brake shaft and box on the T-series
> cars.  This has to be one of the most frustrating tasks on the MG.
> For those who have been luckly enough not to have experience with this
> system, here is what is involved:  A hole and tube is in the drivers side of
> the frame into which two bushings must be inserted.  On the inboard side of
> the frame is a small box with several small access holes to contain the
> shaft system.  The pedal shaft is inserted into the box and the bushings -
> but only after the free moving brake pedal and the keyed and bolted clutch
> pedal along with springs, connections for the brake master cylinder and push
> rod for the clutch have been assembled inside the box.
> Successfully getting everything together and working properly within the
> confines of the box is difficult enough with a bare frame.  Doing the job
> with the tub on is worthly of enough profanities to make a sailor blush.  It
> is my hope that the auto engineer responsible for this design will spend all
> time having to assemble these systems with the transmission in the car.
> In case you have not guessed by now, I have just finished doing this job.
> It was not until I got everything together on the car for the first time,
> that a problem with the new pedal shaft became evident.  This reguired
> removal from the car of the system (again not an easy take) and getting a
> replacement shaft from the vendor (who shall go unnamed but who did not seem
> to be worried that their part was defective).
> I did not tighten the clutch bolt until it was in the car.  At that time I
> found that the brake pedal would not move independent of the clutch shaft.
> The main lession to be learned - assemble the system out of the car and make
> real sure that everything works well prior to the pain and suffering of
> installation in the car.
> Merry Christmas to all except the auto engineer and the part vendor.
> Ed Curtis
> Ed in Western Michigan
> 1955 MGTF 1500 in many pieces
> curtis@hayburn.comEd,

How then does one lube the shafts? I have a TD and can't quite figure 
that out.

52 TD

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