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Re: Finally, something works!!

Subject: Re: Finally, something works!!
From: Paul Hunt <>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 96 15:36:10 GMT
>Everybody here at home has just looked at me like I was nuts from 
>the beginning.  "You're gonna spend WHAT doing WHAT to a WHAT??!??"

I know what you mean!  A friend of my daughters had seen my B before 
I started restoring it, then saw it again on stands, stripped, chunks 
of body panels cut away and half the paint work stripped back.  
Gob-smacked wasn't the word.  Speechless, eyes like saucers and chin 
dragging on the floor.

BTW - You really are going to bleed your brakes properly before you 
drive your car and not wait till a tree stops you, aren't you?

Merry Ghristmas to one and all,

73 Roadster (HD&H)
75 V8 (DD)

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