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Re: Clutch Pedal Shaft on TD-TF / MG lubrication

To: (Steve Tritle)
Subject: Re: Clutch Pedal Shaft on TD-TF / MG lubrication
From: (Robert J. Donahue)
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 13:34:19 -0500 (EST)
>How then does one lube the shafts? I have a TD and can't quite figure 
>that out.
>52 TD


There is a grease fitting on the end of the shaft which sticks out of
the frame member, just below the scuttle. The old grease in my shaft
was so thick and sticky that the clutch pedal would release in slow
motion. I discovered the cause after disconnecting the linkage to the
pedal. Working the pedal by hand, it felt dampened like the levers on
the shock absorbers! Pumping new grease in didn't help because the shaft
was full of the old thick stuff. I had to unscrew the grease fitting
and clean the old stuff out with WD40 and pipe cleaners. I bet most
POs weren't even aware of this grease fitting. It is not on the
lubrication chart in the TD shop manual.

Here is a good question for the group: Does anybody know of other
important lubrication points that are not generally known? (Not just
on TD's but any model MG)

Bob Donahue, Still Stuck in the '50s           
53 MG-TD under DIY restoration
71 MGB still in shop, 14 months and counting (the TD is winning)

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