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Re: Turn Signal Wiring

To: Bud Krueger <>
Subject: Re: Turn Signal Wiring
From: (Steve Tritle)
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 15:04:04 -0500
Bud Krueger wrote:
> Steve,
>         I saw your question on the British BBS.  First question -- Is your
> wiring harness one that is set up for turn signals? Next -- How are you
> at reading electrical scematics?  I can probably help you with the
> wiring.  By the way, I just bought the parts to install them into my 52.
>         Bud Krueger (,

I have ordered the separate signal harness from Moss and I have all 
associated parts for the install. I can read electrical schematics with 
a bit of concentration.

52 TD

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