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Clutch Pedal Shaft on TD-TF

Subject: Clutch Pedal Shaft on TD-TF
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 17:00:58 -0800
David Littlefield wrote:
> I am about
> to  order a new pedal shaft and bushes in the process of my restoration
> of my TD.  Which vendor(s) has the one that fits right?

David, Moss' was OK the last time I did one, about 3 years ago. You have
to check that the clevis pin hole is drilled on center, (some were WAY
off) and you have to grind the end of the brake pedal bushing which is
too long. Other than that, I've put about 50 of them with no problem.
I've returned about 6 or 7 for the hole offset, but would use them
otherwise. I don't know about those of the other suppliers. Generally,
you only have to replace the two bushings in the frame once or twice in
10 jobs, and they are a pain to ream. Don't forget the spacer rings
between all components when assembling so thing don't drag and carry
each other along during pedal travel. Another thing to look at closely
while working on the linkage is whether the arm on the side of the sump
is PARALLEL to the arm on the side of the bell housing. Many of the
upper (double clevis) rods have been "lengthened" to allow for
adjustment, and the geometry has been really screwed up and that makes
things bind quite badly.   Jarl

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