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To cold/wish it were April (was: In the Octagon)

Subject: To cold/wish it were April (was: In the Octagon)
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 17:01:34 -0800
I miss top down driving, holiday traffic stinks and I want my 75 B 
home. 1997 is going to be a blast. I've already pre-regged for a half 
dozen shows and predict great driving weather with a chance for 
scattered merriment every weekend from April to November. Please send 
me your clubs events as there dates are confirmed. I manage the events 
page "North East USA Events for the British Car Enthusiast" site and 
welcome new info for posting at this site. For those who are new it is 
located at or

I'm trying to decide on a "cute" color to paint the 66 Midget. I was 
thinking like maybe "Peach" or "Baby (powder)Blue". Man life is tough. 
What color is this freak'n Elmoe thing people are killing each other 

I hope all are having a happy, healthy and SAFE holiday season. 
Safety Fast, David Deutsch

You wrote: 
>In a message dated 96-12-21 08:38:35 EST, (David 
>I, for one, am glad to see you posting!  After that last message, who 
>Safety Fast and Happy Holidays!!

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