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Ain't no trailer queen..Martha

Subject: Ain't no trailer queen..Martha
From: pbailey <>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 21:26:36 -0800
Hi All....Hope you all a Merry Xmas and may your MG dreams come true.
 I went "down below" to LA today to finish some Xmas shopping...too cold
 to have the hard top off but i still went the canyon roads,I jumped on
 the #@$## freeway for a bit and what did I see in my rear view mirror
 doing about 70...a TD he went by me and I gave him a "thumbs up" and he
 got off at Sherman Way so I followed him off and got him to pull over.
 It turned out he was taking it down to Mike Goodman's MG service to 
have a engine rebuild! He has a bearing going out and still driving 70
on the freeway!He said his name was Richard (didn't get the last name
and he lives in Santa Clarita AND the TD is his daily driver he drives
it to LA every day!The car looks nice and original and he says it is a
rolling restoration.Now this guy is exactly what this is all about
driving a 45 year old car as a daily driver.....I'm impressed...Pat

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