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From: "Bradley J. Barnes" <>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 01:03:09 -0500
        First off, I would just like to say that it sickens me to have to
write this e-mail.  
        My car has been stolen and I am asking for the help of the my fellow
car lovers.  The following is a small discription of the car.  I apologize
for its shortness, but since I am away at college, the engine numbers and
other info are at my parents house.
        The car is a Dark Green 74 MGB w/ the large black overridders and
fairly good body condition.  The original paint was the Olive Drab shade of
green.  The engine was newly rebuilt and has a Weber downdraft and a Mallory
dual point distributor.
        Just a little note to emphise how important this car is to me.  I
have done almost all of the work on this car by myself and with the help of
my two best friends.  Like a true enthusiest, I know every nook and cranny
on the car and know every little sounds it makes.  For many years I have
read and bought almost every MG and other British car book that I know of.
I am a regular and active member of british car clubs and loved being a part
of the MG family.
        I hate to whine about personal problems, but I am a 19 yr. old
college student who has to work full time to help out my mother who has
cancer.  This car was my only way to get to work.  
        I hate to think that someone that is involved with MGs would stoop
to stealing.  These are the same people who took me under there wing and
shared their experience with such a young person.  The car was great way to
bridge generation gap.
        The car was stolen in Columbus, OH. on the campus of Ohio State U.
The car was not recovered in two weeks, so I don't believe it was stolen by
some college kids.  Most don't have any where to hid it and so far the
police haven't found it wrapped around a telephone pole.
        The car is not worth much and there was plenty of other more
desirable cars in the immediate area that would have been just as easy to
take and less noticable.  I have to belive it was someone who knows
something about the cars.  I honestly doubt that anyone else could keep it
        Please keep this in the back of your mind when car shows come
around, or a good price comes along on a car or parts.
        And if the theif is out there, please do the right thing and return
it. I don't care if it is left on my doorstep with an apology note (yea
right).  Sooner or later you will be caught.  I belive there are too many
honest LBC fans out there who are just as discused by this as I am.
        Thank you to all the LBC fans who showed me so much of your
knowledge over the years.
                                                Bradley Barnes

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