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Re: show cars

Subject: Re: show cars
From: (Carol)
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 04:47:19 -0600 (CST)
At 12:35 AM 12/22/96 -0600, Carol wrote:
>At 10:38 PM 12/21/96 -0500, wrote:
>>wife says she wont come with me to alaska   sooooo lets make plans.
>>i have a milepost from a few years back, still shows gravel roads.
>>are we going to establish a spare parts list for the group ?
>>is there anyone on the list that made the previous GOF.  (carol?)
>>that could give this poor soul a push off in the right direction.
>I took my trip from Whitehorse to all points NSEW in a F*ord whatever...big
>one, then to Fairbanks for a flight home. The rest of my travel was state
>foot, ferry, charter air, commercial air, and train. And I have no idea what

Having a bit of a time doing some surgery, here...getting "foot" out of mouth.

The sentence should read: " The rest of my travel was state ferry, foot,
charter air..."

I don't think Alaska has a "state foot!"


>has sprung up in the way of accomodations since I was there. There are lots
>of free camp grounds, however, especially nice in Canada. They have firewood
>already chopped for you. (Probably to keep the "idiots" from chopping down
>the forrests!!
>Good luck in the planning. Be sure to go to Valdez and take the ferry to
>Whittier. That's a car ferry. Takes a day. And is gorgeous!! Then the car
>goes on a wobbly train from Whittier to Um-Hum (can't remember and the
>Milepost is in the other room!), which puts you on the road to Anchorage or
>to the Kenai peninsula, depending on which way you want to go. Personally,
>I'd pick Kenai, first, then go back through Anchorage.
>My dreams are with you....

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