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show cars

Subject: show cars
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 22:38:37 -0500
much to do about nothing
what are you people talking about ?
so someone wants a pretty car, let him (or her ) have it, if you want one, go
and have it. those idiots who want a pretty car only to show it off is like
marrying  an ideal woman and keeping her a virgin.
my wife bought me a 53 td a couple of years ago. restored, the works, it was
in shows and won many awards. but the kluck that did the work never owned an
mg before and even worse   had never been a hot rodder.  soooooo i've spent
3 years re -restoring  what was a show piece hunk of crap into a car.
betsy is almost there.  she has been getting her rear end fixed for the past 
month or so and will be home for christmas. running 4.555 gears.
took out those ugly horns and got a beep beep on the badge bar. in place of
the horns there is a bank of relays and a row of fuses. no more stupid pull
thing to
 energize the starter. we got a push button mounted in the hole that was
vacated by the stupid pull thing that is wired to a relay that activates the
starter solenoid that
does its thing with the starter. other relays operate the horn, the lights (
can even 
operate high & low beams at the same time). fog lights, fan for the heater,
(the switch that operates the relay is in one of the holes left when i took
out the 
accessory jacks. the other hole contains the switch that controls my audio 
thats enough to make some of you people sick    good for you
its just rubber and metal and not very well put together . as for engineering
it pathetic.  my model a ford was better engineered 20 years earlier.
you may ask why do i one a td?
when i was 25 back in 1954 i had a 52 td that i eventually drove to
didn't see another mg for the entire trip. this mg is just helping me to
relive my youth.
my big problem now is    what colors should i use to checkerboard the 

wife says she wont come with me to alaska   sooooo lets make plans.
i have a milepost from a few years back, still shows gravel roads.
are we going to establish a spare parts list for the group ?
is there anyone on the list that made the previous GOF.  (carol?)
that could give this poor soul a push off in the right direction.

steve and directional signals
there was an article about 10 years ago that describes just what you are
in some detail in one of my magazines. have them on my hard drive but not 
indexed yet, so bear with me and i will find it and attach it to mail.

got a lot more to say, but in a nut shell
 drive it, love it, but most of all, make it yours not theirs,

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