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Seasons Greetings

Subject: Seasons Greetings
From: (W. J. Richard Criswell)
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 11:42:11 EST
The following was stolen without remorse from the pages of "Ye Olde MG
Times", newsletter of the California MG T Register. Author unknown.


Will you love me when my battery's down
 And when my engine starts to skip?
When my differential's different
 And my clutch begins to slip?
When my inner tubes need patching
 And my fenders start to squeak?
When my carburetor's rusty
 And my radiator leaks?

When my drive-shaft need new bearings
 Will you make an awful fuss?
When I'm no longer a "self-starter"
 Will you crank-and-crank-and cuss?
When my axle's bent and worthless-
 I wonder what you'll say?
Will you love me in December, dear,
 As once you did in May?

When my wiper fails to function,
 When my tail-light's on the bum,
When my steering-rod grows shaky
 And my motor fails to hum.
When I seem to go to pieces-
 And just rattle everywhere,
And just can't go-it seems-no more;
 Tell me darling, will you care?

Will you love me when the time comes
 When my spark-plugs fail to spark?
When I'm sluggish on cold mornings
 And its hard to make me start?
When I go wobbling down the road
 While others pass us by,
Will you lean back - all disgusted
 And heave a bitter sigh?

And when we write that final page
 Which spells, "My pep is spent,"
And each decides I'm all played out --
 My ignitions wires all bent;
When Autumn leaves are falling
 And life's race is nearly run,
Will you still be true and love me
 For the good things I done?

Wishing each and every one of you a joyful Holiday Season and a
stupendous New Year.

Vintage Parts & Products
Camarillo, CA
Have MG will travel

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