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Re: Batteries

To: "John M. Rogers" <>
Subject: Re: Batteries
From: Robert Allen <>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 09:21:02 -0600
John M. Rogers wrote:
> Opinions?  If I were to use a twelve what size and Amps would I need to
> look for?

I found the receipt dated 4/30/94 for the battery in my 'C'

Stock# 22843174
Description: 60 GRP 55 BATTERY SEARS
Paid: $41.99

It stuffs into the plastic battery box and has always given good
I realize your mounting method is different on the 'A' so this could be
too small -- the battery is the puniest thing Sears could find to fit in
the hole.

Bob Allen, Kansas City, '69MGC/GT, '75TR6

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