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TD Oil Pressure - Duh!

Subject: TD Oil Pressure - Duh!
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 13:33:03 -0500
I want to thank the many nice folks who sent me advice on my lack of TD oil
pressure. (Recap: I rebuilt my XPAG engine and when I turned it over the
first time the oil pump leaked at the gasket.  I replaced the gasket,
reprimed, but no matter how long I cranked it I couldn't get oil pressure

I have been off the list for a while- seems I was recently "downsized" at a
major computor manufacturer after 28 yeards.  I know you are all thinking
that would leave me lots of time to work on my MGs, but my better half has me
off "looking for a REAL job." (Like working on LBCs isn't a job).

Das Fix:  Seems like since I only replaced the oil pump gasket,  I don't know
why I didn't think the problem was related to the gasket I had just
installed.   Since I din't want to send away for a simple gasket, I thought
I'd make my own.  Seems like I forgot to make a hole in the gasket for the
oil to get to the pump...DUH!!  I cut the hole and now have good pressure.
 Thanks again for all the advise, I'm sure I'll be posting again when my
garage warms up enought to work out there....Joe Holtslag

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