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Re: TD Oil Pressure - Duh!

Subject: Re: TD Oil Pressure - Duh!
From: (Paul Gallian)
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 14:00:04 -0600
>I want to thank the many nice folks who sent me advice on my lack of TD oil
>pressure. (Recap: I rebuilt my XPAG engine and when I turned it over the
>first time the oil pump leaked at the gasket.  I replaced the gasket,
>reprimed, but no matter how long I cranked it I couldn't get oil pressure
>again).   Since I din't want to send away for a simple gasket, I thought
>I'd make my own.  Seems like I forgot to make a hole in the gasket for the
>oil to get to the pump...DUH!!  I cut the hole and now have good pressure


Sounds like a "Dan Hughes"  winner to  me!!

I vote this as the best post to date!

MerrrrrryBrrrrr  Christmas to all  (77 degrees today in west central Florida)

 "There's more ways to skin a cat than stickin'
his head in a boot jack and jerkin' on his tail".
                               -- Texas Bix Bender

1952- MG-TD
Paul Gallian

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