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Harness installation & Turn Signal Wiring

To: Steve Tritle <>
Subject: Harness installation & Turn Signal Wiring
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 12:40:46 -0800
Steve Tritle wrote:
> Bud Krueger wrote:

> >         I spoke with someone (Chris) at Moss this afternoon.  He told me 
> > he feels quite certain that the wiring kit follows the standard TD
> > wiring color code and is well documented.  I've not been too impressed
> > with Moss' documentation. Do you have a copy of the Workshop Manual that
> > shows various wiring diagrams in section N?  The title of the one that
> > I'm referring to is "The MG MIDGET (Series "TD" & "TF" WORKSHOP
> > MANUAL".  The wiring diagrams are referenced to the color codes.

Bud, Steve, and the list:

The only "documentation" I ever got with a Moss harness was a second or
third generation photocopy of the appropriate diagram from the Workshop
Manual. The colors do generally follow the original coding, but more to
the point, they obey the basic rules of British wiring: black - ground,
brown - always "hot",  white - ignition, blue - headlamp, red -
side/tail, green - fused, etc. This gets modified by "tracers" (stripes
on the basic color) such as blue with red stripe - low beam, blue w/
white high beam etc; white - coil, fuel pump, ig warn lamp, white
w/black - coil to distributor and so on.

The best advice I can give is to find a clear, car sized, floor space
and LAY OUT the harness in its "installed" arrangement. This will give
you an idea of what goes where, and also helps train you on what the
colors mean. If you want to, you can then "tag" the various legs with
masking tape as to the destination.
Don't forget, when you have to "pull" some wires through tight places
(behind the pedal box, through the spare tire rack) USE THE OLD harness
to pull a string through so you have something to draw the new wiring.
"Pushing" on a new bundle of wires gets frustrating in a hurry. Now, let
there be light - maybe!     Jarl

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