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Re: Batteries

To: MG List <>, "John M. Rogers" <>
Subject: Re: Batteries
From: "Michael P. Ohleger" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 22:23:11 -0500
John M. Rogers wrote:
> I think that the two six volt batteries in my '62 MGA installed some
> years ago have finally given up the ghost.  What is the consensus
> opinion regarding two sixes or one twelve volt battery.  I've been told
> that the technology in current twelve volt batteries is far superior to
> even the six volt batteries being manufactured today.  It seems that one
> twelve would be easier to deal with.  My car is in excellent shape but
> driving is more important to me than having a "100 point" car.
> Opinions?  If I were to use a twelve what size and Amps would I need to
> look for?

Hey John - 

You need a "group 26" battery.  I agree.  The total cold cranking amps 
are far superior than two 6's.  You will probably be pleased if you use 
an Exide or Interstate battery.

Good luck.


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