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Re: MG Christmas DAY (formerly Eve..)

Subject: Re: MG Christmas DAY (formerly Eve..)
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 01:03:00 EST
On Wed, 25 Dec 1996 21:14:08 -0400 (AST)
(Williams/MG Guy) writes:
>>  Enjoyed your musing.
>>  What is Boxing Day?
>>  Merry Christmas!
>>God Bless,
>>'78 Midget "Betsy"
>>San Antonio, Texas
>Merry Christmas Vince!
>Boxing Day is the day after Christmas. December 26. Not certain of 
>origin. I beleive it dates back to merry ol' England, certainly not
>associated with 50% off sales at malls! (This could erupt in a 
>Cheers from Nova Scotia!
>'70 BGT
>'68 roadster
>(naw, rained all day - didn't venture out...what a wimp)

Cant resist it................sorry in advance..............

Boxing Day
Actually its quite simple, as you say, it is Dec26th, the day after
Christmas and its origins are early Victorian (as are Christmas cards for
that matter -  damn them!)
The Victorians were always ones for at least the appearance of propriety
and/or sanctity (perhaps sanctimony is more appropriate!) and thus spent
Christmas day at church and in other pusuits of a higher and more moral
nature. - Whilst in this frame of mind they felt that the exchange of
gifts would be inappropriate, especially since the wise men didn't
actually get there to witness Jesus birth anyway - Thus gifts, in BOXES,
were exchanged the day after - hence Boxing Day - Mind you, they didnt
give "the help" the day off until sometime in the nineteen thirties.....

A true blessing, cold but BRIGHT sunshine here in Connecticut and the 72,
my son and I did the right down for part of it too -
didnt see any other MGs , or in fact much of anyone so we took the
opportunity to  prove she can still cruise at eighty on route124....Hope
some of you had the same luck.

An even greater blessing
Santa is a great bloke! - some of you will recall the travails i have
had, and the partial loss of faith experienced over my 73BGT of late.
Well one of you ( no names,,,but Thanks a million) put me in touch with a
chap here in CT who wanted to divest himself of a 1970BGT, an older
restoration(1983) but in fine shape, and which was still winning prizes
up to '94 when he moved on to other pusuits. It needs some surface
bodywork and a total interior overhaul but money has changed hands and as
of the 13th of Jan it will be my daily driver at any time the salt boys
havn't been through. It wasnt especially cheap (and I havn't actually
mentioned it yet to the
 "trouble n strife" !) but it is a car I know I can really bring to
top-notch condition whilst being able to use in at least three seasons -
I owe several of you replies conc the 73 which I will give on the 13th as
i have to think on it a little more.

Why the 13th??
Will be signing off tonight until jan13th as I'm off to blighty to
practice my accent, see my father and visit a few hallowed places (also
have to see a bunch of clients but we'll forget that bit!)

Have a great New Year everyone - I'll be back......(stop that moaning
back there!!)

mike robson
69 roadster
72 roadster
70 BGT !!!!

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