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RE: Binding brakes:

Subject: RE: Binding brakes:
From: William Eastman <>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 08:59:48 -0600
Jarl's suggested cause of your A brake problems makes a lot of sense.  If,
after checking for this, you still have the problem, I would move on to
check the following:

I have had that problem in the past on non-lbc's after I set the brakes too
tight.  My experience supports what you say about things expanding as they
get hot.  The MGA has double leading shoes on the front, if I remember
correctly.  This settup was not very common on American cars so if you had
your brakes done at a non-LBC specialist, they may not be adusted correclt.
 In the back there is a square head screw protruding from the backing
plate.  Turning this screw counter-clockwise increases clearance for the
brake shoes.  I have never done MGA front drums but I would guess that they
would have two of these screws- one for each shoe.

I have also heard that A brake hoses rot from the inside.  Little furballs
break off and act like check valves in the brake system.  The DPO of my A
had that problem and he replaced the disk, pads, and caliper before the
real problem was found.  The he only replaced the bad hose.  As a
precaution, I am planning on replacing the rest of the hoses this Spring.

Good Luck
Bill Eastman

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