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Need to borrow some eyeballs!

Subject: Need to borrow some eyeballs!
From: (Carol)
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 11:43:02 -0600 (CST)
I found another car. I found another car that isn't in San Antonio. I found
a car that is in St. Louis, MO.


"To answer your questions, the car is in Missouri as that is where I am 
originally from.  It is low milage (45,999) but has been sitting for ten 
years, covered up.  I have pictures of it and if you furnish me your 
address I will be glad to send them to you if you will return them.  I 
bought the car to restore but my job calls for me to travel too much 
away from home so on the weekend I am too tired to think about it and I 
have a new girl friend who would rather see me inside than in the 
garage.  It will need rockers, floors and the usual but otherwise is all 
there and for the price I believe reasonable."

Does anybody live in St. Louis that could look at the car with a critical
eye for me? The guy's asking $1500 for it. 

Of course, I'll look at the photos, first... much work am I looking at here? 



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