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Re: Need to borrow some eyeballs!

Subject: Re: Need to borrow some eyeballs!
From: (Barney Gaylord)
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 22:41:09 EST
On Sat, 28 Dec 1996 13:45:55 -0600 (CST) (Carol) writes:

>.....  the engine is in the boot! Many pieces.....  sitting for ten
years, at least!! ....  The seats are gonners. The floors?? and the off
door has a rusty bottom sill.  .....  pictures of it ..... *do* tell a
tale, too!! .....  will need rockers, ..... And sill and.... rusty doors,
too. ....: floors .....  That poor car..... 
>[etc, etc, etc.]

>..... much work am I looking at here? ..... How does 5
figures both in time and in $$ sound??


To make a long story short, if you want to bring it back to show
condition, my guess is a minimum of 1000 hours of work and $18,000 US
cash.  I'd be happy to send the long version on request, but not the
flood the open list.  IMHO, you can do a whole lot better for a whole lot
less money by starting with a running and hopefully drivable MGA in the
realistic (not inflated) range of $2000-$5000.

>From a purely objective and economic point of view, I think the one
you're considering is worth less than $0.00 as a restoration project. 
Upon reasonable consideration, as much as I hate to see 'em go, this may
be a fine candidate for a $500-$600 parts donor.  If the DCO isn't
willing to part with it at that rate, you can bet it will sit there for
another ten years and then be in even worse condition.

>..... What am I overlooking besides $$$ and lotsa' time.  I wonder if I
would live long enough to drive this car?? .....

I think you're overlooking the other $$$$$$$$$$$$ and lotsa' lotsa'
lotsa' time.

Barney Gaylord -- 1958 MGA

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