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intro / project car wanted

Subject: intro / project car wanted
From: Dustin Howarth <>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 96 13:57:28 PST
Hi everyone:

I'm new on the list and thought I would get straight to the point.  I'm 
looking for a late '67 to '69 roadster with at least a relatively 
rust-free shell for a restoration project.  I would prefer a more 
complete car, but I'm trying to keep the initial investment to a 
minimum.  I'm looking to spend under $750 for a partial car, under 
$1000 for a more complete project car.

I've just moved south of Pittsburgh, PA, and would like to hear from 
any MG fans in the area.  I lived here years back, but didn't have 
the MG bug then, so I would liek to get plugged in with the local 

Once I find a project car and have more comments/questions, I'll 
be more active on the list.  Until then, I'll be lurking around to get a 
feel for the list.  Is there any particular message or archive 
available for new listers, or a list of subscribers with locations and 

One last thing for this intro.  A friend and I are starting a 
hobby/business in British cars and parts.  Anyone with specific 
needs or cars to sell can email me with info.  Currently, we have a 
complete '71 BGT in restorable condition to sell whole or as a 
rolling chassis w/o motor and trans, and miscellaneous parts 
from  '79 and '80 roadsters, including a cherry rear clip.  

Talk to you soon,

Dustin Howarth
Washington, PA  (Pittsburgh)

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